I offer a variety of services that address the different needs of our clients. I am a full-service business that offers training, consulting, and motivational speaking on organizational and leadership development topics for educational and not-for-profit organizations.

My workshops are tailored to increase motivation and momentum. I endeavor to create a comfortable environment where clients can engage in thoughtful and open dialogue on topics critical to organizational effectiveness and success. While it is necessary to impart knowledge to clients, I also believe that the free exchange of ideas and concepts is vital to professional and organizational development.

Services are provide to audiences that include:

  • Small Businesses
  • Educational Environments
  • Not-For-Profit Organizations
  • Collegiate and Fraternal Groups
  • Student Organizations
  • Youth Organizations
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Women’s Groups
  • Cultural and Activist Organizations

Training Workshops are offered in the following formats:

  • 1 to 1.5 hour workshops
  • 3-hour or Half Day workshops
  • Full Day workshops
  • Professional Development Workshops (i.e. Teambuilding)

Consulting Services include:

  • Organization or Program Evaluation (includes written Summary Report)
  • Assistance with the development of Pre- and Post- Assessment Measures
  • Assistance with or Creation of Strategic Plans
  • Assistance with or Creation of Training Documents and Manuals
  • On-site Consulting for Periods of 3-6 months

Motivational Speaking and Keynote Address Topics include:

  • Leadership and Organizational Development
  • Community Development
  • Community and Volunteer Service
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Leading a 21st Century Workforce
  • Partnering/Collaborating with Others for Success
  • Additional topics can be developed in consultation with the client