Student Leaders

As a former club adviser, director of leadership development and director of student activities, there were a number of leadership development workshops or consultation sessions that student leaders consistently needed or requested. Some of the areas that students wanted the most help with included:

  1. Managing Conflict with and between Members
  2. Ways to Engage and Motivate Members to be Active
  3. Ways to Reduce Apathy in Members
  4. How to Effectively Delegate Responsibilities
  5. Using Robert’s Rules of Order
  6. Motivating EBoard and Committee Chairs to do their Jobs
  7. Strategies for Not Doing all the Work.
  8. Leading Leaders and other Highly Strong Personalities
  9. Creating Short and Long Term Strategic Plans
  10. Finding and Training New Leaders (or Replacements)
  11. Successfully Facilitating Meetings
  12. How Do I Share the Work Load
  13. Running Meetings Effectively (not too long, or too short)
  14. Becoming a Group Facilitator
  15. Collaborating with Administration, Peer Groups, Community/Business Leaders
  16. Annual Strategic Planning Sessions
  17. And more……….


My workshops are engaging, fun and full of real stories of leadership success and challenges. Students and advisers have found my presentations instrumental in really getting to the heart of matters and full of specific strategies and techniques for improving organizational effectiveness.

I always create an environment where students of all backgrounds can learn and engage in thoughtful and open dialogue on topics critical to organizational effectiveness and success.


  • 1 to 1.5 hour workshops
  • 3-hour or Half Day workshops
  • Full Day Leadership and Professional Development Training Seminars