Organizational Development

MeetingClarity is essential to success. Organizations that fail to clearly articulate a compelling vision to their membership risk losing members’ active involvement. The organizational development workshops that I offer help leaders of all experience levels to identify, define, and articulate their organizational mission, vision, and goals to its members. By doing so, workshop participants can increase overall group and individual effectiveness.

The following is a sampling of the available workshops:

  • Qualities of an Effective Leader
  • Developing a Mission, a Vision, and Goals
  • Delegate Yourself Into Success
  • Techniques for the New Leader
  • Developing Facilitation Skills*
  • Managing Difficult People
  • Conflict Management or Mediation
  • Building Collaborative Relationships with Educational Stakeholders
  • Creating Relevant Programs and Events for your Organization
  • Motivating and Developing Your Membership and their Potential
  • Increasing your Organization’s Influence through Collaboration

*Available in half and full day sessions only