Leadership Development

leadershipKnowledge is not enough to produce success. Despite knowing what to do, many have faced difficulties in actualizing that knowledge. I design professional and leadership development workshops for clients that identify current and anticipated obstacles to goals, while providing clients with the tools and techniques needed to clarify, understand, and overcome barriers to achieving success.

As a result, my professional development workshops, training sessions, and presentations enable clients to confidently and effectively communicate aspirations in a manner that best meet the needs of the individual and organization. We help our clients answer the following kinds of questions:

  • How do I best promote my organization when there are little to no resources?
  • What networking techniques are available for me to promote my organization?
  • As a professional woman, how do I navigate systems that are male-dominated?
  • What are some of the gender issues that continue to exist in the workplace?
  • How do I motivate members of my organizations to become active participants?
  • How do I lead so that the success of the organization will continue after I leave?
  • Why are my members so apathetic?
  • How do I lead people who are resistant to change?