Diversity Education

cirle of diverse handsAs the workforce becomes increasingly diverse, it becomes more important for educators and those in the business of serving others to help their students, employees, and clients develop more than the knowledge to lead, but the skill sets needed to lead a diverse workforce. As a Consultant and Coach, I want to help leaders maintain stability in their organizations while embracing the diversity of a changing workforce.

Presentation and workshop topics that I offer include:

  • Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce
  • Institutional or Systemic Racism or Oppression
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership for the 21st Century
  • Cultivating a Welcoming Organization/Workforce
  • Managing Diversity Tensions Before They Become Unwieldy
  • Regrouping After An Incident Has Occurred
  • Encouraging Interactions Across Diverse Populations
  • Increasing or Maintaining Structural/Physical Diversity
  • Partnering/Collaborating with Similar Organizations to Increase Diversity Understanding and Skill Sets
  • Pre-College Partnerships to Expose Students to Diversity
  • Preparing Students to Lead in a Diverse Workforce
  • Facilitating Difficult Dialogues (Controversial Topics)